Crochet Cactus

I started to crochet cactus in 2013. I have always created my own patterns and build an aesthetic about shapes and colors.

Along the years I have created a few patterns (not published yet!) for crocheted cactus. As an Art Historian I have always had in mind the works of the artists I have studied and admired.

Credit Photo Anna Wolff

So, with time the cactus and the works of art in my mind became one.

This gave birth to a botanical garden of cactus. This garden has two parts. The cacti inspired by art & nature and the cacti inspired by  nature.

Inspired by Art & Nature:

  • The abstraits: Sonia, Sophie..
  • The figuratives: Tarsila, Georgia

Inspired by Nature:

  • The realistics: Lithops, Golden Barrel,